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Searching for the perfect hotel and the greatest deals in Iran? HotelYar with over 12 years of experience offers online reservations for hotels, hotel apartments, motels and traditional Iran hotels. Collaborating with over 700 hotels in Iran, our website offers you the lowest prices, gives you discounted prices during high seasons while direct reservation might be impossible. No matter peak seasons, we always try to offer you the greatest deal

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HotelYar presents you its own mobile application which gives you easy and fast access for booking Iran hotels. By using this application, you will have all the facilities you need for a secure reservation. You can check out the prices, book hotel rooms, pay it online and check the booking status at any time

Booking Iran hotels via HotelYar

By an online reservation you will get exceptional offers and discounts. You can Plan your whole adventure in Iran with the best price guaranteed (6-50% discount is applied during the year). You can also use extra discounts by getting points from each reservation! Collected points could be used in future reservations. You can also find details of hotels, updated images of hotel rooms and hotels, and amenities. You can see hotel ratings and previous guests’ comments. Location of the Iran hotels, nearby attractions and well-known sights are available via google maps in our website

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After a pre-reservation, you will get an 8-digit-code that will be sent to your email. By this code, you can check your booking status, receive your vouchers, and invoices at any time. By paying prepayment amount via credit cards, you will book the room in few minutes. You must pay the rest of total price in cash while your check in at the hotel location. HotelYar will help you to experience an unforgettable trip and a secure accommodation for the best prices. We encourage you to write your experiences about Iran hotels reservation with HotelYar. So, we can share it with the world

HotelYar as an E-booking website, is the first and the largest Iran hotels reservation system, which has been providing hotel booking in over 700 hotels and hotel apartments for travelers since 2005. By conducting regular surveys, we list the hotels and hotel apartments in which attracts the travelers the most. Our website presents all of the internal search routes, including hotels in Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish, Mazandaran, Gilan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Kordestan, Kelardasht and many of the affordable hotel apartments across the country. Road maps, travel guides and weather reports are also available for most the routes