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What hotelyar does for you?

Hotelyar helps you to find and book any remarkable hotel anywhere in Iran you can really find new built or an ancient hotel even in Iranian villages.

How you can book?

1- Search for you desired date and city.
2- Select the hotel which seems to have capacity within your desired date.
3- Select the room and fill out passenger information. You don't need to pay any payment in this step, wait to get your pre-confirmation from the hotel for a specific time.
4- In the specified time if you are going to book a flight or mange anything else, do that and pay the specified requested payment to finalized your book.
5- After finalizing payment you can print your voucher or just keep it in your e-mail.
6- Have a good trip to Iran

Which documents your need to take to Iran?

1- Passport
2- Hotel voucher printed or electronic.
3- Wearing a head scarf is a must for every woman in Iran.

Cancellation Rule

No cancellation charge for 48h before check-in
48h and no-show without awaring the hotel or hotelyar cause to 1 night charge debt
Refusing a debt payment causes bad point for the passenger for future references to any Iranian hotel or Iranian embassies

HotelYar as an E-booking website, is the first and the largest Iran hotels reservation system, which has been providing hotel booking in over 700 hotels and hotel apartments for travelers since 2005. By conducting regular surveys, we list the hotels and hotel apartments in which attracts the travelers the most. Our website presents all of the internal search routes, including hotels in Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish, Mazandaran, Gilan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Kordestan, Kelardasht and many of the affordable hotel apartments across the country. Road maps, travel guides and weather reports are also available for most the routes